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The 4NOL

The next Smokin’ Motorcycles project is ready to shine and ride. The ‘’Smokin’ Motorcycles #001 4Nol” is a Ducati café racer drawn and engineered by Maarten Timmer. Its name honours one of his grandfathers, Arnold, better known as Nol. So this ride actually is for Nol: 4Nol. Nol was the car mechanic who taught him how to wrench and stoked his passion for cars and bikes.

The more this project evolved, the more Rob van der Heijden got engaged. Together the guys finished this build – which was interrupted to make time for the build of the award winning Elegant Bastard for BMW Motorrad the Netherlands – and the end result is a truly unique ride.

The Beginning

With a frame, a front fork, and a set of wheels in the shed, the desire inside Maarten to build an unique Ducati café racer was growing stronger and stronger. After a restored Ducati 900ie engine was bought, the pieces he had could be placed on its wheels. From that moment on, the designing of the bike accelerated. And on the specially adjusted frame, the foam core for the clay model was fitted.

The entire tank and seat are designed and sculpted in this clay model and result on one coherent shape. Then the final clay model design was translated into rough 3D CAD data, making use of a 3D scanner. This acted as the starting point for the integral digital designed one-piece body. Through this process, fibreglass moulds could be made in which the final body was laminated. This body strengthens the typical café racer lines and characteristics of this unique body.

This body, now also available as a kit for Ducati Monsters, displays the high level of ingenuity and finishing of the Smokin’ Motorcycles brand.


To make the Ducati 900ie engine run as smooth as possible, an entirely new 2-1- 2 exhaust manifold system was developed for the two Spark megaphone silencers. Furthermore, this 41mm wide manifold with the K&N Performance filters generate a high torque level at low revs.

On the 41mm inlet manifolds, Dell’ Ortho PHM40 carbs are mounted, generating a hoarsely and greedy sound. The conical shaped K&N filter point forwards from these carbs and can be seen through the trellis frame, making the engine breath easily.

Both Spark silencers are mounted with sleek-looking CNC milled brackets, designed and engineered in house at Smokin’ Motorcycles. Two smaller versions of these brackets can be seen in front of the bike in the form of headlight brackets.

Also in this build, Smokin’ Motorcycles did the best to keep the weight of the bike as low as possible. Besides the compact designed frame, lightweight aluminium exhausts, clip-ons and a carbon fibre front fender are mounted, and a high power but compact lightweight SuperB battery has been chosen.

The 4Nol’s final assembly is done with Rizoma parts. One of the most eye-catching aspects is the upper triple tree with its black clip-ons, fitted with Rizoma handlebars and levers. In the deep and aggressive stance, you need a seat giving you confidence. So Smokin’ Motorcycles mounted a flat race seat covered with anti-slide leather. This total package results in the sportive Smokin’ Motorcycles feel entirely focused on the ride. Due to the Conti SportAttack2 tires, this will be no problem.


The frame and swingarm are powdercoated in the same satin finish black tint as the wheels; making all the attention flow to the one-piece body painted in Audi’s metallic Daytona Grey. Lastly, the engine is assembled with Rizoma parts as well: the aluminium timing belt covers, clutch cover, the gold coloured pressure plate, and some small details. The icing on the cake includes the fully adjustable footpegs.


At this moment, the guys of Smokin’ Motorcycles as busy with their next project going by the name: Ghost Dog. Another custom build, which will certainly be recognizable as a truly unique Smokin’ ride. We are excited to unveil this amazing project in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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