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Smokin' Motorcycles #001 4NOL
Smokin' Motorcycles #001 4NOL
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We are Smokin’ Motorcycles

Premium one-off custom motorcycles

You have money burning a hole in your pocket and it’s time for a new ride.  What would be on your shortlist? Smokin’ Motorcycles builds premium custom one-off motorcycles with a high level of quality, passion and craftsmanship.

Smokin´ brings your long lasting motorcycle dream a live! Design shaping and refinement during our builds will result in handcrafted premium motorcycle parts combined with engineered precision!

We build premium one-off custom motorcycles. With a
high level of quality, passion and craftsmanship.

Meet Smokin’ Motorcycles

We are Dedicated Designers, with a strong heart for engineering.

  • Maarten Timmer
    Maarten Timmer

    Designing, shaping and building bikes is in Maartens blood! Sketching as a kid Maarten was facinated by wheels and bikes. During his industrial design education Maarten gained more and more skills and expertise designing and buidling innovative performance motorcycles. A designer with a feel for engineering!

  • Rob van der Heijden
    Rob van der Heijden

    Rob was always wrenching in the garage of his parents; small bikes, cars and what not! He knew from a young age that a workshop was the right place for him,. Via his engineering education and marketing manager witihin the automotive industry Rob is your fellah for all engineering and performance challenges. With an excellent taste for shape and style.

Our way of working

The Dream

It all starts with a passion, a dream, a desire to ride that one unique bike! Sharing your dream with Smokin’ Motorcycle will fire it up! Together we start making your dream come to live.

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The Design

Even before we start building your new ride you’ll know how it will looks on the road! Starting with the choice of the right motorcycle to start with, followed by sketches and an inspiring moodboard which will be made in this phase of the build to agree on the lines, curves and power of your new motorcycle!

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The Build

Your motorcycle will be build with the highest level of passion and devotion. Stripping down the (donor) bike for an extensive technical upgrade and shaping of the new design; tank, seat, engine covers and what not! The design shaping and refinement will result in handcrafted motorcycle parts combined with engineered precision!

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The Ride

Finishing the build will lead to the first ride, the first loud bangs of your exhaust and the smell of oil! Fine tuning your bike on the road and setting the perfect position of the handle bars and foot pegs to finish the tailor made ride for you!

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Our Builds

#001 4Nol – Ducati M900ie

The 4NOL is actually the bike first Smokin' ride. It all started with some new spare Ducati parts. Designed and build as a tribute to Maartens Grandpa, Nol, so build 4NOL! This sportive and classy Ducati cafe racer will guarantee spectacular and loud rides! Out now, click for more details.

#002 Ducati 999s

Comming a bit later then soon! The Ducati 999s that we are currently building as a classy brutal fast ride. A classy ride which we will strip down, which we'll give a brutal new style! This project can be aspected winter 2017.... As they say: The longer you have to wait, the better it gets!

#003 Elegant Bastard – BMW R NineT

The Elegant Bastard BMW R NineT is a rough gentlemans ride; elegant and refined but unpolished and loud one the other hand. The comfortable ride with a feel of heritage has been translated into a ride to experience freedom in a sportive and sensational way!

#004 Ghost Dog – BMW RNINET

The #004 Ghost Dog will be a sporty café racer ride with an aggressive and dark look. Build with a new rear subframe, racy seat, CNC milled front lower and top triple T, clip-ons and a new killer high-mounted exhaust system! Special paint will be used for a the new aluminum fuel tank and front fender. We will keep you posted in the coming months on all developments..


The fifth build that we will build is another BMW R NINET, but again in a totally different trim. This time we will stick with numbers… You need to wait a bit longer for the full explanation on that. But what we can tell you is that this R NINET will get a dark base with a retro look upper part. The whole bike will be finished as you can aspect from us: premium. Expected March 2017.


A land of joy, freedom, and self-expression in Smokin’ Motorcycles style. It will be the most powerful Scrambler on the market without losing real Scrambler characteristics like its comfortable riding position, teardrop shaped fuel tank, wide handlebar and quintessential Scrambler headlight. This all will perfectly reflect the spirit without forgetting lifestyle values. Expected June 2017.

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